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And, look what you've learned: you've learned to trust your gut. I could move out of my house into an apartment or condo but I have a german shepherd, a cat and a rabbit who I consider part of my family.My boyfriend graduated from college this year with a BS in engineering.

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We have talked about getting married and kids and religion and money and many other things.

I received this comment on my HUB When Your Girl Wants to Get Married and You Don't : Reality TV says: Veronica, is there any chance that when he says he just isn't ready that he will actually become ready one day? My friend Steve said it so well:"It has been my experience that loneliness trumps rational thought every time."It's hard to judge anyone that is acting out of loneliness.

Dear Reality TV, Before me, my husband had a girlfriend we'll call Carol that wanted to get serious with him. I remember an episode of Who's the Boss where Tony described proposing to Samantha's mother. I am not saying a guy that says he's not ready is being a jerk. But we argue because I feel sorry for girls that are that lonely that they hang on believing, and he is just disgusted by any girls that are that stupid that they can't read between the lines. But I do want to add that I don't think that's the case with all women in this situation. Also, some people's circumstances do not fall into the parameters of what I am describing here. A while back I had asked you for advice of whether or not my ex would ever be ready and you said based on our history he would not.

By his own admission, he's told me she was just completely devoted to him and the relationship and she would be patient and understanding. He explained exactly what it's supposed to be like. " out of his mouth, when she leaped into his arms screaming, "YES! Men interpret their feelings in a much broader way than women do. I think it's sad, he thinks they are just pathetic and will make fun of them. We broke up when 'he' was ready to let go and he quickly jumped to dating another girl since the day we broke up four months ago.

But what I want to tell you is not what he's told me about that relationship. And I'm sure when his ex was pressuring him to talk about the future he felt nothing for, he responded as honestly as he could. You have to read into that I guess to understand what he meant. Men have a more limited range or interpretation to emotions. I just found out he is already engaged to this girl.

I want to tell you what mutual friends said to me about that relationship."Everyone was so shocked when he got married! The first time I talked to my husband about our future, we had been together a few months. This was the relationship I wanted to be in for the rest of my life. Often men have no need to discuss every emotion to death the way we do. The point that needs to be apparent here, is that when he IS ready, when he IS thinking about it, he'd know it and he'd tell you. It's not really possible that he will want to marry you one day if this is his response now. It's hard when it's happening to objectively listen to what he's actually saying instead of what you want to hear. If he means it sincerely than he will be showing you his intentions. I wished that I would have listened to my gut and to you and let go of him way back then.

" I'll never forget that first drunken confessional conversation at the bar. For him, saying, "I'm not ready to get married," covers everything from - He has no reason to explore the details of that aversion to its depths. If he really thinks one day he will be ready to marry you, he will be doing whatever he needs to to SHOW you and keep you. My advice is to follow your gut and your instincts and not wait on someone if they aren't sure you are the one. If I hadn't screwed up over and over I wouldn't have known enough to get it right when I met my husband 12 years ago, and we're still going strong.

Over many martini's, the girls took me into confidence. He will have set up a joint bank account with you so you can save together for the wedding. He will be demonstrating committed thinking since he knows you want to see signs of his future with you. If you like this HUB please click the “Thumbs-Up” below just before the comments. Sometimes you have to go through those experiences to make you wiser, brighter, stronger and better. Hi Veronica, I have a very similar situation in many ways to others' stories on here but mine is also very different in many ways and was wondering if you could give me some clear advice as for once in my life I am honestly at a loss. I have graduated from college this year with 2 bachelors and have a stable job that I love.

"Carol said she'd try to talk about marriage and all he would say was that he was nowhere near ready. If he isn't doing anything to show you and keep you, if all he's doing is saying he's not ready then you need to move on. I'm sorry Reality TV but It's not going to happen with him. Sometimes no one can tell you anything, you just have to live it for yourself. Although I don't make a ton of money it is enough to live off of as long as I stay at home.

We have read books about failed/succeeded marriages and relationships in general; however, I have always been the one to bring these up.

I have wanted to marry him for 3 years (1 year after we started dating).

I finally feel confident in my ability tobe a good wife and mother.