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I, like many others, started shipping Richonne back in season 3, when Michonne and Rick first started eye-f***ing each other and the chemistry between the two became, in my opinion, pretty apparent.Still, I didn’t hold out much hope that it would actually happen anywhere outside of fanfiction.

Honestly, I didn’t think AMC had the balls to do anything as out-of-the-box as that – and how sad it is that making the dark-skinned black woman a love interest can be considered out-of-the-box thinking?When Jessie came along, I felt like Richonne was even less likely to ever happen.Not because Jessie/Rick was ever going to last (I’ve read the comics so I was waiting for the Big Chop just like everyone else), but because it reminded me that you can throw a blonde girl on screen with any white guy and the general audience will not question the eventuality of a romantic relationship, but when the woman the (white) male lead is sharing intimate moments with is black, then suddenly it’s up for debate.Outside of Richonne-loving corners of the internet, the suggestion of a Rick/Michonne power couple has been met with confusion and incredulity, not to mention outright animosity at times.And during all these years of shipping Richonne, I’ve learned an awful lot about racism as it manifests itself in fandom. A lot of people really just don’t view black women as possible love interests, no matter who they’re being paired with.and don’t want to be spoiled, consider this your warning. That being said, I thought I’d take a break from celebrating and “in your face-ing” to finally finish organizing my thoughts on all the nasty, complicated ways I’ve had to grapple with racism as a Richonne shipper.

I’m happy as hell, and have been living in shipper paradise ever since the Richonne spoilers first leaked ’bout a week ago.

Last night on , Rick and Michonne finally got together, and I can barely believe it myself. Where did that choir of angels come from and why are they singing?

No, the last five minutes weren’t a shared hallucination – it really did happen.

Here’s what it comes down to: if Michonne weren’t a dark-skinned black woman, many of the people who were so surprised by Richonne would have expected it a long time ago.

Were it a white actress (the kind we’re used to seeing as love interests on TV and in movies) playing the role of Michonne, sharing intimate scenes with Rick, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

It wouldn’t have been a case of if Rick and Michonne get together, but when.

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