Chat to models with no sign ups or credit cards

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Chat to models with no sign ups or credit cards - Private sex chat hacked

You'll find users who swear that Voda coverage is better for their usual haunts, and others who swear that Optus coverage is better.

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Vodafone (international) has a market cap of about 55 billion pounds – pricing it at about 10 times that of TPG.Hutch (VFAU's other owner) is worth about billion USD. Vodafone has shown a fancy for exploring outside the traditional realm of mobile previously – don't forget that they bought i Hug NZ from ii Net back in ~2006.Either way, expect them to work much more closely together in future.This is one of those things that's very user specific.The TPG plans set some new value records for the various price points.At the /month level no one else is offering 1.3GB of data except Vaya ( for 1.5GB). li=AA54Gb&ocid=edgsp I am on a grandfathered .95 pm plan with TPG and I work in the bush. When this move happens, I will move to Telstra or Optus.

TPG's /month 2GB offering is identical to Amaysim's so the choice there comes down to whether you want Vodafone or Optus. Fun times ahead for Optus who only just revised their (and their MVNOs) pricing downwards and will soon lose a good chunk of revenue. This could go either way – it really depends on Vodafone PLC and Hutchison's commitment to the Australian market, I guess.At the /month 5GB point they're the best value around. Both corporations have much, *much* deeper pockets than TPG, and are much bigger organisations.I think its a good move, though looking at the plans on the site there is no discounted access fee for tpg customers like there used to be.Must admit I left TPG when they changed their plans around and also Optus was terrible in my area, but I like where this could lead given TPG owns some 2600MHz spectrum, I think if TPG decided to buy Vodafone AU it could be in a very good position.And for the right price I bet Vodafone would dump the AU operation easily.Posting here from a broader market perspective, whereas the TPG thread might be more suited to customers of TPG and what happens with the migration.

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