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The music we play is vast, a combination of the most popular music for 25-44 year olds that reflects the lives of our listeners, communities and places wherever they live.

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We play the biggest songs of the moment, as well as rediscovering the hits from less complicated times — the 80s, the 90s and the noughties.

The sound and space we create is totally unique to Bauer City 1. At Clyde 2 our vision is to deliver the most popular music for 45-64 year olds, reflecting the life stage of our listeners and keeping them informed and up to date with the latest news and information where they live.

We play the greatest hits from the 70’s and 80’s, with the cream of the crop from the 60’s.

Classic pop songs that stand the test of time and sound as good today as they did when you first heard them. Delivering the most popular music for 15-24 year old ‘Millennials’ — young tech-savvy people with a thirst for up-to-the-minute knowledge and data.

We mix them in with the biggest pop anthems of the 90’s and noughties and when the sound fits, we also play the most relevant songs of the moment. We know they need the info first and that they need it bite size.

We love discovering the new and emerging artists too.

It’s fast paced and reflects the speed at which our audience absorb information and we only play music released within the last 12 months.