Dating person different religion

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Dating person different religion

him.” Then she marries him and in the not-too-distant future she becomes…well, miserable.

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” Then she’ll tell me, “Yes, but I thought I could change him.” I think a lot of people are not being totally honest during the dating process.Or many feel obligated to follow through with a relationship just because they have been dating for a while, even though they may have some strong reservations.But if you are struggling with any aspect of who a person is, you probably need to look at that as a red flag.Ultimately, that is what the dating process is for – to decide, based on what you have learned, whether or not to marry that person.As people of the Christian faith – a faith that stresses hope for our future, despite the failings of our past – we oftentimes deliberately ignore a person’s past when deciding on a mate.But because of our belief in forgiveness of the sins of the past, many Christian couples fail to factor history into their mating decisions.

The wise seeker of a mate, however, would do well to look into the history of their potential spouse.

And doing so is not unfair, nor is it un-Christian.

And while everyone makes mistakes, some mistakes have consequences and ramifications that can follow us for the rest of our lives.

Granted, God doesn’t hold our past mistakes against us if we come to him in true repentance, but those mistakes can still have consequences that may negatively affect our future relationships, particularly in a marriage.

The dating process should be a time of discovery and analysis as to whether or not a certain person would make a good lifetime mate.

And make no mistake about it – a person’s history can be a major factor in determining how they will handle their future relationships.

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