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I keep having trouble with the operations named like paths or URLs.This sounds logical only if you're developing a web app, and even then it's not always the correct mapping. But I am trying to show a simple DSL, not taking it to the far end.

There is a good reason that I like the path approach, they are very easily recognizable, have meaningful names and intrinsically hierarchical. I used period as delimiter because Boo's syntax allows qualified names as reference expressions, which is good for this scenario.Avish, Paths are my preferences, they are immediately recognizable. The delimiter itself isn't important, it's the difference between a string literal that "looks" like a structured identifier (but requires parsing) and a qualified name, which "if Not Formal Date.I have no issues, however, with structured strings that uses other delimiters. I actually built a system with that convention, it worked nicely. I am using this at document level to autofill current date on form // Set field value to current system date get Field("todays Date").value = util.printd("dd mmmm yyyy", new Date()); The question is no matter what I try I cant get it to put the day of the week in.It may be damn near impossible to accurately predict the success of romantic relationships, but communication designer Ayla Newhouse is trying to improve the health of our dating lives by applying design strategy to the perplexing realm of courtship.For Newhouse, design is about intentionality and “using our rational and empathetic brains to intentionally create opportunities that make the human experience better in some way.” As reason and sensibility can commonly be lacking in the dating experience, especially in today’s more casual, virtually driven climate where hanging out has replaced formal dating, succinct text messages have replaced phone calls, and online dating is mainstream, perhaps a dose of design thinking is precisely what we need.

Newhouse’s project, The ABC’s of Dating by Design, pins a specific design element and explanation to each letter of the alphabet, breaking down modern love in a way that’s both comedic and informative.

She also offers a Skillshare course for users to design their ideal relationship through a step-by-step program identifying their wants and needs.

The idea was born out of a particularly heartbreaking past relationship, which prompted Newhouse to want to invent a toolkit for people to lay the foundation for better relationships, or even improve upon existing ones.

“There are skeptics too though, who think that you can’t design the magic of love because it just happens,” Newhouse says.

“Although I agree with that, I also think you can design a framework for love to exist in, like setting up the power grid, so electricity can flow through it.” We asked Newhouse, good sport that she is, to evaluate the dating potential of couples we’d be interested in seeing paired up. — Match Game A is for Alignment: Julian and Lady Gaga Alignment is one of the foundations of great design, and great relationships.

Julian Assange and Lady Gaga are exceptionally well-aligned.

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