Internet dating revenge

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Internet dating revenge - advanced dating technique

In all likelihood, someone has been unfaithful to you or at least attempted to stray.

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Things rocked on for a good long while, but back in March, Corinna officially brought things to an immediate halt.

Lulu is a new dating app, which lets women rate men they know by answering multiple-choice questions about the guy's sense of humor, manners, ambition, commitment level, and appearance for other women to view Speaking about the app, founder Alexandra Chong, who said she created it because 'she and her girlfriends needed it', said: 'Imagine you're sitting around a table with your girlfriends.

The conversation flows from recent dates to career moves and dermatologist recommendations.

It's honest, it's open, and it's girls-only.'We created Lulu to bring those private conversations among women online and to unleash the value of girl talk.

Our goal is to provide a private network for women to share their experiences and get information to make smarter decisions.'Relationships are just the beginning.

We've started with relationships, a critical area for all of us to share and make more informed decisions.

Our goal is to expand into all areas that women care about - from careers to beauty and health.'In February 2013, we launched the first version of Lulu as a private app for girls to read and create reviews of guys they know.Millions of users and billions of profile views later, we're just at the start of our journey.'Critics have been vocal in their opinions: one commentator on Kernel wrote: 'If I tried to do something like this for men to review women, I'd have a billion fire-breathing feminists down my neck quicker than I can say Germaine Greer.'Peter Lloyd, author of best-selling Stand by Your Manhood: A Game-changer for Modern Men, said: 'Aside from invading privacy and inviting libellous content, this app makes the lazy assumption that men are inherently bad and women are always good – which is deluded, at best, and offensive at worst.‘If a bloke’s app reviewed women in the same way the sisterhood would be foaming at the mouth with cries of sexism, yet here men are denigrated based on entirely subjective, and not necessarily factual, experience – and yet it’s celebrated.If you’ve ever been involved in a romantic relationship, the odds are that you’ve suffered some heartache.During one of those “on again” times of their relationship, as the two were discussing the possibilities of their future, Corinna discovered that Brian had posted his profile on one of those online dating sites. They recovered a lot of his stuff, but apparently not everything.Apparently that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so she decided to get revenge. According to Brian, there’s still about ,600 of items that are missing.While Brian was out of his apartment all day on March 14th, Corinna called a moving company and had them clear out everying. And rightfully so, Corinna was arrested and charged with theft.

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