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Click on the map to see more of Russ's 72 counties travels. Senate, Russ has traveled to each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties at least twice, listening to the ideas and concerns of Wisconsinites in every corner of the state.

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He's listened to the priorities and concerns of our state's middle class and working families who say they want leaders who will fight for them -- not just powerful corporations.American politician, a Democratic Wisconsin State Senator 1983-1993, and U. As a kid, his views were shaped by family discussions at the dinner table and his dad’s early involvement in the Progressive Movement. A Rhodes Scholar and Harvard Law School graduate in 1979, Jewish, he entered politics. The guiding principle in his work is Wisconsin Progressivism. Senate election, he represented a suburb of Madison in the state Senate.He has fought for better wages and a stronger Social Security program, and striving for the best in public education and quality health care for every American.Since 1995, Feingold has spearheaded a national, bipartisan effort, along with Republican Senator John Mc Cain of Arizona, to clean up our nation's corrupt campaign finance system.

As part of his effort to lessen the influence of money in Washington, Feingold also led the charge on the successful passage of the congressional gift ban in 1995.

As of his second marriage, which ended in 2005, he has four kids, two of whom are step kids.

He lost his 2010 reelection to Republican Ron Johnson.

Born Russell Dana Feingold on 2nd March, 1953 in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA and educated at Joseph A.

Craig High School, Janesville, WI, he is famous for US Senator from Wisconsin, only Senator to vote against the Patriot Act, finance reform bill author with John Mc Cain.

ABOUT NICK: Nick Paul is community organizer, student of political science and economics, little league baseball coach, and certified hike-aholic from Concord, New Hampshire.

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