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This meant that speed and cunning were the only way to get through Z.

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Whilst the controls feel clunky it is still playable and I am confident that they update the app as time goes on to improve the experience. Just a conclusion – I loved the cut scenes but hated the levels with just Tanya.I think I was more surprised I managed to make that work that anything else. As computers got better the unit cap was lifted, the maps got bigger and the units themselves were added to.Official expansions like Core Contingency introduced wonders like the Krogoth, however it was the online fan base that created many thousands of new wonderous units. Tags: bitmap brothers, command and conquer, games, pc, red alert, Total Annihilation, z This entry was posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2011 at and is filed under Video Games.One of my fondest memories was of getting my dad to draw a map, I would go and build it for him, using the easy to use level editor. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.After being inspired by Engadget (ripping off) I am toying with creating regular Top 3 lists. I remember this being billed as a rock hard by PC Zone, but after thrashing the demo and seeing the hilarious cut scenes, I knew I had to get it.With no further ado, I present my Top 3 Personal Computer based strategy games form the 1990′s. Developed by the Bitmap Brothers (creators of Speedball), the game starred a couple of Californian surfer stoner robots under the command of a Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant Commander Zod.

The aim is capture the entire map by balancing defence and attack simultaneously.

The more of the map you controlled the quicker troops are produced .

Meanwhile the PC remake can be found at , it doesn’t have all the humour of the original but it does capture the core gameplay. Soviets will always beat boring Allies - Mammoth tanks and Tesla’s over light tanks and freedom.

Apart from being impossible to spell, this Chris Taylor designed master piece still for me is the ultimate RTS. You could place a turret on a hill and it would get a larger range, troops would pass over them at a slower rate, and the would be used for cover from artillery.

You could build anywhere, which gave the game much more freedom.

It was even great online, I used to play over a serial cable from my PC to my sisters Windows 98 laptop.