Shoshanna online dating

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Shoshanna online dating

But it's always nice to see her."This doesn't feel to me like a stunt or some kind of bravado—just that I have asked a question, and she can see no reason not to give the answer. The first time I ever said it was on the radio, but the way I talk about it in my [stand-up] special years ago, it's a story I told at a baby shower. Honestly, all the stuff I thought I might get in trouble for, I've been praised for.That credo—that the full contours of life, including all its awkwardness, messiness, and occasional dark places, are nothing to hide from—appears central to both her comedy and how she prefers to live. It's just in rooms—I'll say what I really think but people think I'm joking.

And they're has aired, her Comedy Central show that has grown over its three seasons into a titanically smart, weird, and hilarious skewering of our modern idiocies.

One of Amy Schumer's many comedic gifts is the way she has turned oversharing into a majestic art.

And although her offstage (or off-camera) demeanor is far more reserved, the words that come out are not.

I have known her for less than two minutes when, in response to some awkward small-talk question about her day so far, she tells me: "I had my annual Pap smear. I meet a lot of people, and most of them aren't funny. I felt really awful after that and I was worried for myself that I was gonna act out like that more. The girl whose party it was was mad at me, and the other women were really uncomfortable. It's fun to just keep being yourself when the room's demanding otherwise.

I got to go back to annual Paps because there's no HPV detectable in my system. She kind of got something stuck in her throat while she was examining me, but from where I was sitting, it seemed like she was kind of gagging looking at my vagina. Providing a voice for women that was palatable for men also. I was, "I'm not going to shy away from doing it, I'm going to say the stuff that makes me unappealing." I chose to do that. At that age, 19 and 20, I acted out, but I didn't after that. But I'm putting it out there because it makes me feel better, it makes other people feel better. I didn't like how fake those women were—I just can't stand that. I'm putting my dirty laundry out there, and I don't want to be around people who pretend they don't have any.

Like, I wonder what the thing is going to be that will make people want to burn me at the stake. I think it will be really arbitrary and a misunderstanding. And I think people only want women to speak for so long.

But yeah, I'm really enjoying the love right now. They build you up, and then they're just ready to tear you down.Like Hillary—when it's really go time for her, I'll definitely be active, and that'll make people hate me.This season's highlights: an episode-long remake of parody in which a new coach scandalizes town and team with his new "no raping" rule, and a picnic at which famous actresses (Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus) commemorate their "last fuckable day." Last night's centerpiece was a memorable Bill Cosby sketch in which she plays an attorney defending the beloved comedian."We worked so hard trying to figure that scene out," she says."I originally pitched it: ‘What if it's a support group for women who've been raped, and they won't say who did it, but they're all wearing Cosby sweaters and eating Jell-O?’ "I truly feel I'm getting a lot of attention right now and it's just a ticking time bomb.

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