Updating brick fireplace

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Updating brick fireplace - datagridview rowvalidating vs cellvalidating

Fill the screw holes with wood filler, let dry, sand and then paint to match the mantel.

She was reluctant to let me paint it, but I know she would now agree that painting that fireplace went a long way towards updating the room (along with replacing…well…

So I toned it down with a very soft, subtle gray color…

Now if you’re a man, and your reading this post because your wife strategically left this open in the browser on your computer in hopes that you might see the pictures and suddenly be stricken with an urge to allow her to paint the fireplace that she’s hated since the day you moved into your house, but that you insisted should never be painted because survive a bit of painted brick. (Seriously, what is it with men and their brick and wood? Let’s get to the pictureless instructions, shall we?

Contrary to what most men think, painting brick really doesn’t upset the balance of the universe. of painting brick is just intimidating for lots of people, but there’s really nothing difficult about it.

Calamity won’t befall your family because you’ve upset the gods of home and (brick) hearth. And yes, it is true that once brick is painted, it really can’t be undone without hours and hours (possibly days and days) of tedious and frustrating work (and even then, the likelihood of you getting all of the paint off is probably somewhere around 0.0025%, and that’s if you’re having a really great day where everything is going your way).

But like I told my mom when I was trying to convince her to let me paint her fireplace…there is just some brick that doesn’t ever need to see the light of day again….

By the way, you’ll notice that on both of the fireplaces above, I also painted the brass screens. And if you want to build wood mantel that looks like a big chunk of rough hewn wood, you can find those instructions here.

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We got lucky and found a simple mantel at a recycle center that will slip over our existing mantel.

We added molding to the newly found mantel to give it more interest.

We attached the molding with wood screws, covered the holes, then sanded and painted the entire mantel. Find the studs in the wall, they should be just at the edge of the fireplace.

Toe-nail the screws into the mantel through the wall.

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