Updating tmobile dash

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Updating tmobile dash

We've loved this thing ever since we laid hands on it -- don't let the pictures fool you, it's way smaller and sleeker than most photos let on.In all reality, the Dash is a fairly unphotogenic device -- which is why we had to make sure to take some bigger and better than usual photos of it.

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But once you wrap your hands around it, you'll understand why this is the hottest Smartphone on the American market. Like most current-gen HTC devices, it's built like a tank, and feels like it could withstand some serious abuse (though naturally it's purdy enough that you'd never want to test that theory).Those are the following: Although it doesn’t easy the impatience of customers without the Lollipop update, I’m pleased we now have an easy way to check progress of upcoming Android updates. It certainly bits digging in to each individual phone to find out if there has been a software update. And be sure to add this page to your browser bookmarks. before we did, we still got a unit to take around the block ourselves.It's safe to say the Dash is probably the most T-Mobile anticipated device of the second half of this year, and with good reason.It's not without fault though; the select and back keys are dangerously close, causing jump-backs from apps a little too frequently.

The touch-strip HTC originally envisioned for the Excalibur has been replaced with a touch-sensitive volume keys, which are horrid for in-call use without pulling the phone away from your head. The keyboard, arguably the most important aspect of this device, is so-so.

It have good tactility, but our unit didn't register all our keypresses when we were typing quickly (and that's not due to the usual Smartphone two-keys-at-once bug).

Yesterday evening, T-Mobile’s chief product guru tweeted out a link to a brand new page the company has been working on.

The new Software Updates page within T-Mo’s support pages now lets you track how far along your next Android update is, and which model is being developed and tested.

The update process is broken in to three parts: What’s really useful about this page is that it shows you devices which are due a software update soon, or have had one recently.

At time of writing, there are nine handsets/tablets on the page.

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