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This leads to a massively tested, well-vetted set of automatic corrections. |leading|league|list|low|Major|maximum|most|music|National\s League|NCAA|NFL|opening|peak|points|popular|receiving|record|rushing|sack|saves|scoring|series|single|table|[Tt]op|total|winningest|wins|world|worst)\b)""\b([0-9]+(? :st|nd|rd|th)|first|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|seventh|eighth|ninth|tenth|eleventh|twelfth|thirteenth|fourteenth|fifteenth|sixteenth|seventeenth|eighteenth|nineteenth|twentieth|thirtieth|fortieth|fiftieth|sixtieth|seventieth|eightieth|ninetieth|hundredth|thousandth)\b\s+(placed? Even so, due to the great variability of text, Reg Ex Typo Fix is not accurate enough to be run without a human checking every proposed correction when running against an encyclopedia such as Wikipedia.

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Everyone using Reg Ex Typo Fix should use it responsibly. AWB purposely avoids fixing typos in certain areas of the wiki-text. :er|re)|tradition|tree|woman)\b""\b([Aa])ll\s+time(?

These are the typo regular expressions for Reg Ex Typo Fix (Regular Expression Typographical error Fixer, or RETF).

Development has been open to the public since 2006. :animated|adaptation|anime|comedy|comedies|documentary|documentaries|drama|episode|film|motion|movie|musical|pilot|production|screenplay|script|silent|special|television|TV|version)s?

Please add to or improve these regular expressions!

These regular expressions find and fix common misspellings and grammatical errors. finish|performance|position|power|ranking|result|run\b|troph(? :y|ies)|victory|winner))""\b([0-9]+|one|two|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine|ten|eleven|twelve|thirteen|fourteen|fifteen|sixteen|seventeen|eighteen|nineteen|twenty|thirty|forty|fifty|sixty|seventy|eighty|ninety|hundred|thousand)\b(? "\b([0-9]+|one|two|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine|ten|eleven|twelve|thirteen|fourteen|fifteen|sixteen|seventeen|eighteen|nineteen|twenty|thirty|forty|fifty|sixty|seventy|eighty|ninety|hundred|thousand)\s+(year|month)\b(?

Typo fixing is prevented within: image names, template names and parameters, wikilink targets, text in quotations and italics, and any text that follows a colon or asterisk.

If a typo rule matches a wikilink target, this rule will be ignored on the whole page. When using AWB, you can refresh the typo list by selecting "File → Refresh status/typos" (CTRL-R). The primary advantage of Reg Ex Typo Fix over other possible spellchecking engines and approaches is accuracy and the return of only one possible replacement. The rules below are developed to give as few false positives as possible. Errors should be encountered only in extremely rare usages or when parsing other languages (though even then if there are too many false positives the expression will be modified). Reg Ex Typo Fix is used across diverse sources of text from many languages, the English Wikipedia. Reg Ex Typo Fix is also used on other Media Wiki-based wikis, and derivatives can be leveraged in other software.

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