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And he’s not just making some little cameo appearance. Edwards told me what he loved the most about being in Evans’ new video for “Slow Me Down” was that she just wanted him to play her soon-to-be ex. It made for a pretty funny cycle of filming.” Being mean to Evans was a particularly tough assignment for Edwards because he has been a fan of hers for a long time. It’s not exploiting the fact that I’m a racecar driver.” So who is he in the video? “The director would say, ‘We’re rolling, so you guys just start arguing and be angry with each other.’ And so it was like two minutes of me trying to look like a jerk and then the next five minutes of me apologizing.

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“And country music is full of those folks.” “Slow Me Down” is the lead single from Evans’ upcoming album.NASHVILLE — A 118-page court document filed this week asks country star Sara Evans to answer questions ranging from what medications she's taking to the details of allegations of nearly a dozen extramarital affairs.The document, filed Tuesday in Williamson County chancery court by attorneys for Evans' husband, Craig Schelske, asks Evans to admit to affairs or romantic relationships with at least 11 people, including members of her band, members of the band 3 Doors Down, Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx and Tony Dovolani, her former Dancing With The Stars partner.The questions are included in documents used to obtain information from opposing parties during legal proceedings.Evans has not yet responded to the questions, and the court filings provide no evidence that Evans actually had relationships with any of the named people. And that was one of the greatest things about ‘Slow Me Down.’ To see Sara perform that song and see how much she cared about it artistically, that makes a song.” Edwards admitted he was nervous to meet Evans when he got to the Nashville set of the shoot. “But everyone in central Missouri, when they talk about Sara, they say she’s honest and real. “As I go through life, I see that the people who are the most successful are just good, honest people who work hard,” he told me.

Now I like music where a) I can tell someone’s having a lot of fun, or b) I can tell that it really means a lot to them and they’re putting a lot of their heart into it. And, to me, that’s very rare.” Back in 2011, Edwards played himself in Justin Moore‘s “Bait a Hook” video, so he knows almost everything he needs to about the people who make country music.

“I was not a country music fan growing up, but I guess as I’ve grown up, my tastes have changed.

“We have that connection because we’re both from central Missouri,” he said.

John Hollins Sr., Evans' attorney, said he could not comment because of a court-issued gag order. Schelske's attorney, who is also bound by the gag order, did not return a call seeking comment.

A publicist for Chesney and a former manager for Marx declined to comment.

Calls left for Universal/Republic, the record label of 3 Doors Down, were not immediately returned.

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